Translational Stem Cell Research

The advancements in stem cell biology over the previous decade has opened up numerous new potential outcomes for fundamental and translational researchers around the world. Prompted pluripotent foundational microorganisms (iPSCs) are especially helpful in light of the fact that researchers can change them into a wide range of cell sorts to use for research or therapies.

The focus on applied stem cell research and the move into undeveloped cell based treatment in the facility must be joined by the advancement of administrative oversight of essential research with translational potential.Unapproved stem-cell-based therapies  speak to a threat for the patients and will eventually be hindering for the improvement of regenerative drug. By assuming liability and actualizing administrative oversight, scientists can improve the move towards protected and successful translational applications

  • Fetal and Neonatal Stem Cells
  • Cancer Stem Cells
  • Enabling Technologies for Cell-Based Clinical Translation
  • Tissue-Specific Progenitor and Stem Cells
  • Cell-Based Drug Development and Toxicology

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